fieldstone wall

Types of Wall Materials

Wall Materials

Wall define a space. Whether they are freestanding, to screewall materialsn or divide a space, or retaining, to create levels in your garden, in addition walls make landscapes more interesting and dynamic. You can sit on them, install plants that will climb up them, or create curves and angles with them. There are a multitude of contemporary and traditional products to choose from. Use a licensed contractor to install walls that are higher than 24 in.


Precast Block

• Available in an array of earth tones, also with textured, flat, or curved face


• Easy, modular installation


• Maintenance free


• Capstone necessary




• Clean, contemporary look and virtually any color possible


• Concrete block or poured internal wall requires professional installation


• Stucco mustreapplied over time










• Timeless appeal and colors are limited to clay and gray tones but don’t fade


• Create a variety of patterns like running bond and basketweave, or jack-on-jack


• Taller walls should be installed by a professional






veneer veneer


• Thin stone installed onto concrete base gives the look of natural stone, but is easier to install and less expensive


• Capstone necessary







• Variations in size, coloring, and stacking styles


• May require professional installation


• Fieldstone

installed with or without cap, with or without mortar


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