Garden Edges Ideas

When you edge your walkway, garden bed, or lawn area, you create a clean, crisp demarcation that satisfies our need for definition in a landscape.


Like a molding strip or a border on a wooden floor, creating a frame around a space, however subtle, brings it into focus.


You can make an edging using a border of boxwood or other low hedge, cobblestone or brick, pressuretreated lumber set lengthwise, roofing tile, plastic edging, or even just by spading an edge to separate bed from lawn creating a continuous and distinctive line around a pool of space.


right • A “river” of lawn edged by cobblestones is reinforced by a band of double white New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri).













left • A stone retaining wall acts as an edging between a hillside of roses and a sidewalk. An errant rose bough cascades down to the street level, bringing a delightful blurring to the border.

flowing edge

above • Extruded concrete curbing creates a clean, flowing edge for this stabilized soil walkway. Concrete is fed into an extruding machine, then compacted and fed out through the chosen mold with control joints cut every 3 ft.

Edges Ideas

Just as piping or a band of grosgrain ribbon provides a clean finish to a seam on a dress, so an edge in a garden acts as a way to detail a design.

Spaded Edge

A spaded edge is the least expensive and often the most satisfying option you have for outlining your garden bed or lawn.

Respade your edge as necessary to keep it looking perfect.

Brick Edge

Many stone edgings work best when built with a deep, long footing that keeps them from moving during winter’s freeze and thaw cycles.

You can set them deeper by placing them on edge.

Cobblestone Edge

A low boxwood hedge edges a formal garden, underscored by the strip of flat fieldstone at its base.

Precut Stone Edge

Cut stone curbing marks a clear separation between the lawn and a hedge of geranium in flower.

Terra-Cotta Tile Edge

Bands of river stone, edged by terra-cotta roof tiles set on edge, add an ornamental touch to the space between lawn and garden bed.


spaded edge

Spaded Edge



Brick Edge

Cobblestone Edge pic

Cobblestone Edge


Precut Bluestone Edge pic

Precut Bluestone Edge




Terra Cotta Tile Edge

Terra Cotta Tile Edge


edges ideas

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